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"EDELWEISS" the uniquely Swiss scent  by  Brigitte Witschi.

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Mountain grown, selected with care and handcrafted in   British Columbia, Canada. 
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Brigitte set out to re-create the typical aroma of the Swiss Alps in a exclusive perfume and what she has come up with is this   magical fragrance!

The top notes are a chord of flowers along with lemon.
The middle notes are an accord of cedar and bergamot on a smooth foundation based on sandalwood.

While mixed in a traditional way and hand bottled the overall effect of this fragrance is a freshness which develops into a rich perfume of a great depth.   

Available from Brigitte's website www.bergduft.ch 

Edelweiss Products

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ATHANOR skincare products from Swiss Alpine Cosmetics.

In recent years, the high altitude and extreme exposure to draught and sunlight under which Edelweiss naturally thrives led researchers to investigate the protection mechanisms of the plant. The resulting research confirmed that Edelweiss extract contains very potent antioxidants and cell protection properties as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities. Those extremely beneficial qualities led ATHANOR to make Edelweiss extract the primary and most important ingredient of this unique cosmetic line.

The ATHANOR Edelweiss skincare line is available from
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APPLE ISLAND NATURALS with is award winning high quality Skinncare Products, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Massage and Aromatherapy essentials surprise and delight since 2008.
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tel. 250-344-3674

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