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Edelweiss Flower

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  Edelweiss in Terra Cotta

Edelweiss Flower

Mountain grown, selected with care and handcrafted in   British Columbia, Canada. 

The all plant materials in our life-like Edelweiss arrangements are  naturally  preserved to look  great for years,  and require no water or special care.

For display a dust and smoke free environment is recommended .

Item #0502 Preserved Edelweiss in Terra Cotta Pot 3" diam. by 5" high
  32.00 CAD 
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10 assorted size Edelweiss blossoms 0.75" to 2.0".

For hobbyists and crafters we have dried Edelweiss blossoms for that special project, display or gift .

The carefully chosen and exquisitely preserved Edelweiss flowers can be used in corsages, garlands or gift packaging.
A flower pick or stem wire may be attached and the blossoms incorporated into everlasting bouquets and arrangements.

10 Edelweiss blossoms with the original detached  stems are available  for 20.00 CAD as Item #0401 .


We also provide Edelweiss blossoms in boxes of 100 each for CAD 95.00 as item #0204.

#0201   10 Edelweiss Blossoms  15.50 CAD


Edelweiss lapel or hat pin of aprox. 1.25" diameter

Lapel pin using genuine Edelweiss of
approximately 1.5" diameter.

Originally we created this genuine Edelweiss pin to be sold as a mountain souvenir from the Canadian Alps; over the years we have sent it to customers worldwide.

As a singular gender neutral adornment, with its attached ethnic and sentimental attributes, it appears at weddings, funerals, anniversaries and other diverse happenings celebrating aspects of mountain culture.               

The reasons for wanting this emblem are as varied as the shapes of the Edelweiss, and they are always much appreciated.

#0202  Edelweiss Pin 20.00 CAD

Item # 1801

Live Edelweiss Plants

To Canadians only we offer live, two year old Edelweiss plants in 3.5 inch pots from May to September.   

Edelweiss is hardy perennial in NA Growing Zones 3 to 7, likes poor, well-drained slightly alcaline soil and full sun.
  Edelweiss plants bloom from June into early September.    

Ideal plant for a rock garden but can also be planted in containers and left to over-winter outside.


#1801   Four Live Edelweiss Plants  36.00

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