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Take, dear Lady, take these flowers
Children born of sun and showers.

Summer sun and winter snow
Crushed the rock on which they grow;
Strength of immemorial chalk
Fed the fibers of their stalk;
Lightning, hurricane and storm
Shaped their pliancy of form,
Gleam and gloom of varying sway
Stained the petals ashen gray.
Which, like loving hearts, enfold
In their midst one spot of gold.
Fearless head and steady foot
Tracked the cradle of their root.
Now a link in friendship's chain
From the mountain to the main.
Nurslings of the central sea,
Such as late I gave to thee,
Lull the senses, charm the eye,
Bloom and whither, breathe and die.
These, by sterner process made,
Slow engendered, slowly fade.
And they bring where'er they fare
Just a whiff of Alpine air.

Lady, take these simple flowers,
Emblem meet of sun and showers.

Oscar Browning,
Davos-Platz, August 1886

Edelweiss Flower

Mountain grown, selected with care and handcrafted in   British Columbia, Canada. 
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