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Edelweiss Flower

Welcome to our Home Page!

Throughout  history the iconic Edelweiss flower symbolized  courage, truth and hope in a  tumultuous world. Today the plant firmly retains it's appeal to express  unchanging values and sentiments. 

The famously rare and protected  Edelweiss plants (
Leontopodium alpinum) grown since 1987 on our high altitude plantation, are hand-cultivated, and raised without pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the clean air of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.   

We carefully choose each Edelweiss and dry it in fine white sand, achieving a perfectly natural  look  and feel. Edelweiss Extract for skin and hair care products is also made right on the Farm in July. Live Edelweiss Plants are available to Canadians from May to September. 

The blossoms can be crafted  into garlands, corsages, boutonnières, bouquets and everlasting floral arrangements. Dried Edelweiss flowers are used in special gift and product packaging, framed, added to greeting cards, invitations, name or place cards and  more.

Our special  Edelweiss & Goat's Milk Soap , Edelweiss Seeds attractive Edelweiss Greeting Cards, Floral Arrangements, Live Edelweiss Plants  make unique gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Easter Holiday, Christmas…  you name it.

There is no need to climb a  mountain in the Swiss Alps, 
when you can get authentic Edelweiss right here.

Obtaining these near mythical "Cloud Flowers" suggests 
you are sure about what you want, and find a way to achieve it.

Surprisingly low cost and great personal customer service 
have made  our products  desirable and accessible all over the world.

Now stay a while on our site, enjoy the information, pictures and products.

Mountain grown, selected with care and handcrafted in   British Columbia, Canada. 
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What is Edelweiss?
More about Edelweiss

More about Edelweiss
Edelweiss Products

Edelweiss Products
Edelweiss Cards & Seed

Cards & Seed
Edelweiss-Extract & Soap

Edelweiss-Extract & Soap

"The Sound of Music"


Our promise to you:

We guarantee
that you will be fully satisfied with our  products,   or your choice of a free exchange, or money back.   Please note that timely delivery of shipments, especially to foreign countries, can be affected by weather events,  random customs inspections,  and  border security related slowdowns.

No  refunds for late deliveries if the
reason  is outside the control of the shipper, or the shipping services used!

Enjoy our website and contact us with any questions or comments at the address, phone/fax or e-mail below:

Box 135, Golden, B.C 

Phone: 1-250-344-2056

Edelweiss in full bloom July 1989.

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